2007_03_maritimehotel.jpgMoving onto a new job is always exciting - and it's always another opportunity to have a farewell party from your old one. But it seems that partying got the better of former deputy commissioner of the Community Assistance Unit Christopher Coffey. The Daily News reports that Coffey was pulled over in his car after the police got a call about a "rowdy drunk" - apparently Coffey had been "stumbling around and pounding on cars" after leaving a bar at the Maritime Hotel.

His blood alcohol at 0.149 - well over the 0.08 limit - and the police say Coffey told them, "I'm not turning off the car and I'm not getting out." Oh, and the car was a city vehicle. Coffey pleaded not guilty to DWI charges, and his new job at the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation may be in jeopardy.

Some other interesting details from the News: Coffey's friends tried to prevent him from driving. Though Coffey has no college degree, Coffey was making $101,156, after "rising through the ranks" since working on Bloomberg's 2001 election campaign. Coffey's mother, Diane, had been Chief of Staff under Mayor Koch, and she is very active in the arts; last year, Mayor Bloomberg was one of many who paid tribute to her at an Alliance for the Arts event. And the Mayor's office says, "We are saddened by this massive lapse in judgment, but since he had already resigned from his position, we won't be pursuing further disciplinary action."