A day after the Associated Press published a lengthy article detailing how the NYPD is running a secretive police intelligence team to investigate Muslim communities as part of counter-terrorism efforts—with possibly civil liberties-infringing tactics, like sending informants to mosques where there's no evidence of wrong-doing—Mayor Bloomberg admitted that the NYPD is working with the CIA. But he defended its practices, “If there are threats or leads to follow, then the NYPD’s job is to do it. The law is pretty clear about what’s the requirement and I think they follow the law. We don’t stop to think about the religion. We stop to think about the threats and focus our efforts there."

There is a CIA operative working out of the NYPD offices, and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly explained that the agency does train the NYPD on "trade craft issues," which the AP explains as "espionage techniques, and advises police about events happening overseas." Kelly said, "They are involved in providing us with information, usually coming from perhaps overseas and providing it to us for, you know, just for our purposes."

While the NYPD insists it just follows leads, some Muslim community groups are skeptical, saying, "The NYPD's credibility is bankrupt in our communities. We need accountability, transparency and an overhaul of tactics and policies." On the other hand, Harlem Islamic Cultural Center chairman Mustapha Senghor said last month, "There was a time when police would rush into the mosque with their boots on. They do not do that anymore. Congratulations, commissioner. For that we thank you, very much... You have imams who are extensions of the police force. You include us, you talk to us, you ask us what we are feeling. It makes us feel we are part of the city, and not that people are against us."