It's the moment we've all been waiting for! Mayor Bloomberg (allegedly) finally admitted that he screwed up with the

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Cathie Black's appointment. One source told the Post, "He's telling people in the educational community, 'We screwed it up.' He ended up alienating people who would have been on his side."

Black's appointment was handled with such secrecy that many education officials did not know of his choice until he announced it to the whole city, and even Black wasn't allowed to tell anyone. Critics pointed to the secrecy as proof that Mayor Bloomberg has singlehanded control over the school system, and believed he didn't take into consideration the concerns of parents and educators when making the decision.

Despite sort of admitting to handling the announcement wrong, Bloomberg seems to still believe he made the right choice. He previously said of critics, "It just goes to show they have no understanding whatsoever of what the job is...The real problem is how do you take all this money and all these people and all the needs and get them all together. And Cathie Black has all the experience necessary."