The NY Times has a front-page story on the apparent lack of diversity in Mayor Bloomberg's top ranks: "Despite a pledge he made when he took office to make diversity a hallmark of his administration, Mr. Bloomberg has consistently surrounded himself with a predominantly white and male coterie of key policy makers," based on the NY Times' study. Though NYC's non-Hispanic white population is 35%, "Mr. Bloomberg presides over an administration in which more than 70 percent of the senior jobs are held by whites, and he has failed to improve on the oft-criticized diversity record of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani."

Further, the Times reports that NYC trails other major cities in having diverse mayoral administration, "In Los Angeles, 52 percent of the top advisers to Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa are white; in Chicago, that figure is 61 percent for Mayor Richard M. Daley; and in Houston, it is 55 percent for Mayor Annise D. Parker." The Times also has a graph showing a breakdown of city employee, managers and administrators as well as a representation of his administrators.

Fordham University political scientist Bruce Berg says, "Given Bloomberg’s background, we shouldn’t really be surprised. He’s picking from the business world, his key advisers are from the business world, and this is still very much a white male bastion." Also, some of Bloomberg's former deputy mayors—who are white and male— go to work for Bloomberg LP.