2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgThis afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg updated everyone on how New York City is coping with the transit strike. 1010 WINS has a nice summary of it on their site. Developments today include:

- NYPD working 12 hour shifts (hello overtime!) and the traffic is being handled by the police cadets
- LIRR handled an extra 45,000 riders this morning
- There is now shuttle service at Kew Gardens, Forrest Hills and Woodside (lots of love for far away in Queens)
- The zone system for the cabs is working
- 175,000 calls have come into 311 since midnight

Is everyone ready for the fun commute home yet? Are your bosses letting you off early so you don't have to walk until 9?

UPDATE: the TWU has been hit with a $1 million dollar per day penalty for each day the strike continues, starting with today. The mayor's office claims the city government is losing $22m per day in tax revenue, and that the local economy is losing $420m per day. Any truth to that?

UPDATE: 1010WINS is reporting mass chaos at Penn Station-- apparently tens of thousands of people are massed around the station trying to get home, and not getting any clear directions. People without tickets have to go in one entrance, but then you have to go out again and wait on line before you can get access to the trains. Sounds like that's a recipe for some rioting-- let's hope everyone stays calm. Anyone have a first-hand account? Updated, see below.

UPDATE: holy crap-- the crowds outside Penn Station really are huge-- that looks like a total cluster-fcuk.

UPDATE: traffic downtown is strangely light. Broadway is pretty packed with cars, vans, and taxis heading south, but the northbound streets are empty, and even the streets leading to the Holland Tunnel (Broome, Varick, etc.) seem totally empty-- more like 2am than 6pm on a Tuesday.

UPDATE: Two main entrances to Penn Station have been shut down according to 1010 WINS. The entrances at 7th Ave under the MSG marquee and on 34th St are both closed. People looking to get into the station are now flowing onto 7th Ave.