Mayor Bloomberg at the Puerto Rican Day ParadeCurrently, Mayor Bloomberg is not so liked and Governor Pataki is lovable, if the Puerto Rican Day Parade is trusted as a barometer of public opinion. The Times notes Bloomberg was booed (though his flacks and Puerto Rican Day Parade organizers were quick to say he got many hugs and kisses too) and Pataki was "more warmly received" but suggests there may be more to it: "Mayors, who deliver day-to-day services and are constantly in the public eye, are magnets for criticism. Governors, who keep a lower profile doing dimly understood things more than 100 miles north of the city, often manage to escape the brunt of it."

Gothamist likes this tidbit from the Post's parade coverage regarding Bloomberg: "At one point, when a man shouted, 'You suck!' at him, [Bloomberg] just smiled and said, 'Thank you.'"