So your friend is getting sentenced in court and you want to show him support. You are a good friend! But you know what isn't ok? Showing support by threatening the family of their victim. A group of Bronx Bloods discovered this the hard way yesterday at the sentencing of Robert Denis, 18, who will be spending the next 26 years behind bars for killing Rayquon Story in 2007.

But really, it is totally fine for a person or group of persons to go to court to support their buddy. Just ask the guys who went to Rayvon Guice's sentencing in January (the court photographers loved them). But threatening the family of your friend's victim and then backing up your threats with comments like "that's what you bitches need to get for putting Robert away?" That is going to get you in trouble.

After a group of seven gang members harassed the Story family inside and outside of the courthouse yesterday the police stepped in and arrested them.

Meanwhile Denis, who will be eligible for parole in 21 years, at least expressed remorse for his actions: “I apologize to the deceased and the victims and apologize to their family and friends,” he said in court. “I will live with this for the rest of my life.”