The NY Times has a long feature on the student-professor tensions in the Middle East studies department at Columbia University, namely around allegations that certain professors created an "inhospitable" environment for Jewish students. There are a number of different opinions out there from professors inside and outside the MEALAC department, that begs the question, "Can professors have controversial opinions students might be uncomfortable with?" Columbia has planned faculty panels every Monday and Friday "hear narratives from students and faculty members in the hope of sorting out" this matter. However, Gothamist was most intrigued by this reaction from Columbians:

As one professor blithely put it, "This is blood sport for me, and I love it."

At least someone is enjoying intrigue in the ivy-covered walls of academia. It's been a rough year for the two leading universities in the city - they are either anti-Semitic or suicidal.

There's an editorial in the Columbia student paper, The Columbia Spectator, about how this panel is too little too late in terms of trying to bring the community together - it could be said freshman orientation is the only time when the University tries to bulid a community. And in the Stupid University President Tricks department, Harvard President Lawrence Summers basically says that women's lower aptitude than men is why there aren't many women at the top of the science and math fields. Sure, he's saying his speech was "miscontrued" and he was trying to be provocative, but if there's anything Gothamist has learned, look before you speak.