2008_08_floorpass.jpgThe NY Times Styles section looks at how the The Year of the Political Blogger Has Arrived, both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions extended credentials to bloggers. However, not all bloggers are created equal: At the DNC, there's the national credential ",which offers the same access granted to members of traditional news media organizations," while the "coveted" state blogger credential "allows one blogger per state to cover the convention alongside its state delegation, with unlimited floor access" (Room 8 is representing NY). Our Washington DC blog, DCist, was chosen as DC's state blogger and editor Sommer Mathis is already in Denver. She reports on what's in the DNC media swag bag, "an official Denver 2008 reusable water bottle from Visa... a bottle of Walgreen's brand ibuprofen and minipack of Walgreen's brand facial tissue, a bottle of hand sanitizer from the Hogan & Hartson law firm...magnetic poetry from SEIU..."