All too often we write about hit and run incidents, but this past weekend, blogger, friend of Gothamist and many others, John Carney, was hit at 5:30am in the Lower East Side. The intersection is one we've crossed often, Allen and Delancey. From dpstyles Flickr:

"The whole thing happened late Saturday night (around 5:30am???) down on Delancey + Allen...walking west crossing Allen and John got clipped out of nowhere as a car took the corner too fast (if you've ever crossed this intersection you'll know what I'm talking about).

The car threw him in the air and into the street (hence cuts to the face) and the driver just took off. Luckily people on the street (at 5am!) were able to help out."

Carney is in the hospital with a severely broken leg (and no wifi according to the official report); doctors are performing surgery today. We hope you get better soon, John!

The New York Post recently reported on hit and run accidents, stating there were around 40 accidents and 42 deaths last year in the city. Experts say drivers "run" because they are drunk or lack insurance or a license. Even if all of the most dangerous intersections seem to be in Queens, an insurance-less driver without a conscience can hit you anywhere. Even the Lower East Side. So be careful out there - and perhaps add Delancey and Allen to our most feared intersections list.

Related: Park Avenue shot down a proposal to put barriers at the medians, to give pedestrians more protections from cars, and Brooklyn's Community Board 7 is holding a public forum to discuss truck routes tonight, in the wake of a casket truck fatally hitting a child.