The local youths out in Gerritsen Beach celebrated Halloween like most other teens in America: by pelting drivers and pedestrians with eggs, potatoes, rocks, shaving cream cans, and a hammer. It seems that this year they were even more out of control than usual, and Daniel Cavanagh at the Gerritsen Beach blog was on the scene documenting the pandemonium, and bemoaning a near-total lack of police response. He even recognized some of the teens participating in the "bombing," and posted screen shots of their Facebook pages. How DARE he?!

There are over 450 comments on Cavanagh's post, and many people are outraged that he would publish the already-public information posted by miscreants like one Matthew Cullen, who bragged, "Yea cause we don't give a fuck u fucking rat. Yo it was so funny wen they hit the bus driver himself I also hit a nypd car and others." (Cavanagh got a photo of the B31 bus's broken window.) One boy's mother defended her pride and joy thus: "YES I did let him go bombing like every other kid in GB! And YES I did tell him to have fun and watch out for cops! This has been going on for years in GB. I allowed eggs and shaving cream. This DID NOT include rocks or potatoes! I am disgusted with this behavior myself and as soon as I heard what was going on I went and picked him up myself."

Another reader gripes, "I do not think it is right that these kids Facebook page status and such are being posted. THEY ARE ALL MINORS! Everyone in Gerritsen Beach knows what happens on Halloween. There is no need to embarrass the parents of these kids. The ‘editor’ of this ‘website’ really needs to get a life instead of making other peoples lives miserable by embarrassing them." Actions without consequences would be nice, right?

For his part, Cavanagh has refused to take down the Facebook screen shots, and says he witnessed the teens chase and throw rocks at two Hasidic Jewish men, and "an older man in his late 60′s was driving along Gerritsen Avenue when his car was hit by eggs, when he exited the vehicle he was pelted by dozens of eggs, rocks were thrown, chucks of brick, and someone tossed a hammer." Hey, boys will be boys! At least nobody died or got an eyeball cut open by an egg shell. [Via Brooklyn Paper]