2005_10_blockbuster.jpgThese days, most people either rent movies with Netflix or On-Demand them, but some of us still have our trusty Blockbuster memberships, so we can stumble into a store to debate what to rent and only end up renting something we've seen many times before (The Cutting Edge, anyone? And did you know there's a sequel to The Cutting Edge for some sort of distribution in 2006, The Cutting Edge 2). But now, our last resort is looking rather sketchy given a report that an Upper East Side Blockbuster dumped customer files on the sidewalk. And the files, complete with Social Security, credit card and phone numbers, all the stuff you're told not to give out, were left there in clear plastic bags for the Daily News to find. Can you imagine having the Daily News call you up and saying, "Hey, we've got your driver's license information, credit card number, and Social Security number!" Blockbuster headquarters says customer info is supposed to be destroyed, not discarded, but the manager of the Upper East Side store initially said it was the Department of Sanitation's fault for not picking up the trash that day. Well, if anything, this is why the tabloid print media should continue to exist: They do all the dirty work.