Florida got lots of flack for being totally useless during the 2012 presidential election—it took them so long to count votes that by the time President Obama was handed those once-legendary 31 electoral points on November 10th we forgot for a blessed moment that the Sunshine State was still part of the Union—but it turns out New York City's Board of Elections isn't anything to boast about, either. Votes in Manhattan and Brooklyn are still being counted, and the rest of the boroughs' ballot counts were finalized just last week. Democracy!

To be fair, the BOE didn't miss its deadline by too much, since they apparently had until December 6th (a full month!) to finish up all that counting. But the counting wasn't the only problem: voters in both the presidential and primary elections this year had to cope with long lines, erroneous poll site information, broken machines and eensy-weensy ballot type. The BOE was asked to address some of these concerns at a City Council hearing before and after the presidential election, but it appears they still have some work to do before next year's much-anticipated mayoral showdown.

On the bright side, though, now we can still hold out hope that the electoral college will hand New York State to Jimmy McMillan.