Blizzageddon spares no one. Not even football stars. Both the Jets and the Giants are currently stranded (in Chicago and Wisconsin, respectively) after yesterday's games, and most of them seem pretty unhappy about it. Jets center Nick Mangold recently wrote on Twitter, "Still stuck in chicago. I'd so rather be making a snow fort in New Jerrrrrssseeeeyyyy." Wouldn't we all!

The Jets spent the night in Chicago, and a source tells us they're due to "leave Chicago at 4 and land at EWR around 7:30." They've also decided to cancel tonight's "Inside the Jets" show. The Giants spent the night in Appleton, Wisconsin, and Giants tight end Kevin Boss told AP, "(Usually) you go home to your family and kind of lick your wounds, but you're stuck here by yourself and it's not going to be the greatest time." Defensive tackle Barry Cofield said, "Disaster scenario, being stuck here after a loss."

It is now "not known" when Newark Airport will be reopened, so we're guessing the Jets and Giants may face another night in their respective cities. At least they'll have time to think about what they've done.