The $6,000 shower curtain; Photo: AP

Yesterday, jurors for the case against free spending ex–Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski were treated to home video footage of his $18 million Fifth Avenue apartment, which the prosecution says was paid for by Tyco monies. Another $14 million was sunk into the apartment for renovations, art, and furnishings. The highlights: Paintings by Monet and Renoir, a $17,100 "leather and bronze toilette box" Kozlowski hated and stashed in a closet, and the infamous $6,000 shower curtain. The silver-threaded shower curtain reminds Gothamist that we're in the wrong business: Clearly, overcharging rich people to overdecorate their apartment is where the money is.

The video of Kozlowski's wife's million dollar dollar birthday party.