A traveler wearing a $100,000 diamond-and-gold encrusted Cartier watch left his luxury timepiece behind like a ball of lint after passing through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint and Newark Airport. Luckily for the owner of the watch that costs more than most of us earn in a year, the TSA kept it in the lost and found until its owner contacted them.

According to the TSA, the watch's owner is a "a real estate entrepreneur from Japan who oversees multiple hotels and resorts in his country and other countries." We guess that means he has many $100,000 watches? After a while they all look the same! From the press release:

A TSA officer spotted the lost watch—a Cartier—and recorded and tagged it with other items that travelers left behind that day and secured it in the checkpoint’s lost and found bin. The face of the watch was covered in more than 100 small diamonds. The watch’s trim and band also were covered in hundreds of small diamonds...

A TSA officer makes a stop at each checkpoint daily to collect the found items and bring them to a central location where they are cataloged and kept under lock and key in hopes of identifying the owners. TSA’s goal is to reunite travelers with their lost items.

The real estate entrepreneur proved he owned the watch by providing photos showing him wearing the watch.

Here's the TSA's Lost & Found page. But next time, just put the $100,000 watch in your bag!

Update: The TSA says, "The gold diamond watch was picked up at the TSA Newark Lost & Found Office today at about noon. The man who picked it up said he was planning to fly to Japan tonight to personally deliver the watch to its owner. He was extremely grateful that a TSA officer turned it in at the checkpoint and told the TSA officials at the Lost & Found Office that the watch had been custom made and was a one-of-a-kind."