Yesterday, there was a bit of confusion as to just how suspect Earle (or Earl) Barranco was arrested for the fatal shooting of Corey Scott at the Good Stuff Diner on October 23rd. One source said he was in a VIP room at the Charlotte Bobcats game on Saturday. Another said he was walking into the arena when he was peacefully arrested. But now the Daily News reports that cops spotted him on the JumboTron wearing the same bling he had on the night of the shooting. When he showed up in the same arena wearing the same bling days later, they arrested him. Does nobody remember what happened to Frank Lucas?

The bling in question was a diamond-studded moneybag (presumably something like what's pictured), which Barranco was spotted wearing as he wandered into a JumboTron shot during a game on October 29th. Someone in the crowd who knew him recognized him, then reported him to the police when he learned he was wanted. He showed up wearing the same bling to Saturday's game, and was finally collared.

Barranco is expected to appear at an extradition hearing in North Carolina today. Officials say both he and Scott have numerous prior arrests, and suspect the shooting happened after they got into an argument about a debt. Well, that bling doesn't pay for itself.