Today the NY Times visits the bedside of blinded cyclist Emilie Gossiaux, a 21-year-old Cooper Union student who was nearly killed when an 18-wheeler ran her over in Bushwick in October. Gossiaux was blinded from the trauma, and she's focused on regaining her sight, "They told me that there was a very small chance, but if there’s a chance, then I’ll believe in it, and I’ll have hope in it." However, while the article looks at her strength of spirit, and her family's and friends' support, it doesn't mention what happened to the driver behind the tragedy.

With all the Times's contacts in the NYPD, you'd think there would be some update (or even mention) of the legal status of Elio Morales, who was arrested and charged with driving without the correct class of license. Of course, seeing Morales behind bars won't affect Gossiaux's recovery one way or the other. To help pay for her costly medical bills, a website has already raised $10,000 (which the Times also deems unfit to print).