Smooth jazz guitarist Jeff Golub lost his eyesight rather suddenly and unexpectedly a year ago, but he's been doing his best to lead a normal lifestyle with the help of his trusty seeing eye dog Luke. Yesterday, however, old Luke really screwed the pooch. Golub thought Luke was leading him onto a No 1. train at the 66th Street station Wednesday morning, but instead he stepped into thin air and fell down onto the tracks.

Golub, who's backed rock stars like Billy Squier and Rod Stewart, tells CBS 2, “I took a step and there was no car and suddenly I was on the track. I gotta get outta here, this train is gonna hit me, and I’m gonna get killed." As the train bore down, Golub tried to pull himself up onto the platform but couldn't make it in time, so he dropped back down and squeezed his body between the platform and the train.

The conductor brought the train to a screeching halt, and Golub sustained minor injuries as he was dragged by the train. "I can’t even tell you how terrifying it was," Golub tells the Post. "I can see colors so I could see the train coming at me, and I tried to get away as fast as I could. Nobody had enough time when I was jumping in front of the train to stop me, but there was a guy who helped pull me up. I’m lucky I didn’t fall underneath the train."

Luke, for his part, remained safely on the platform. It's unclear why the dog let his master fall onto the subway tracks, and we'll resist the urge to speculate that Luke wants Golub out of the way because he's madly in love with the guitarist's wife. Golub, for his part, still insists Luke is "a great dog," and his wife, tellingly, is "willing to give the canine a pass."