Here's another happy ending for a pet-with-microchip story, courtesy the San Francisco Chronicle. Last week a black cat, almost completely blind, was spotted by animal control officers wandering along 110th Street. They took it to the shelter, and after scanning its microchip, found the registered owner: the San Francisco SPCA!

It's a mystery how the cat, named Jack Daniels, wound up in Manhattan, but thanks to a Good Samaritan named LeeAnn Falciani, he's been returned to the shelter and put up for adoption again. Falciani happened to be on the phone with her cats' vet, Dr. Jennifer Gabriele, when the vet received an email asking for help returning Jack to the west coast. Falciani stepped up, taking a week off of work to escort the blind cat back.

In May 2009, the San Francisco SPCA had taken Jack and his brother Jim Bean from animal control officers. Jack was suffering from scarred corneas because of a viral infection, and he relied heavily on his brother "as a sort of seeing-eye cat." The staff had wanted them to be adopted together, but Jack disappeared a week later. "How or why that happened, I can't say," said SPCA spokeswoman Jennifer Lu. "But we had the police involved, volunteers looking for him. We were very worried." Jim was later adopted, and hopefully his brother's newfound celebrity will help him win a nice home.