A massive fire broke out at an NYPD evidence warehouse in Brooklyn on Tuesday, injuring eight people and likely destroying reams of criminal evidence, including DNA records, stretching back decades, officials said.

The blaze – which remains active – was first reported at 10:30 a.m. at the Erie Basin Auto Pound, a sprawling barge that juts off the tip of Red Hook. The storage facility holds vehicles seized by the police department, as well as evidence collected at crime scenes.

“What's stored here in particular is a lot of biological evidence, we also have some e-bikes, motor vehicles, and some historic vehicles as well,” NYPD Chief of Department Jeff Maddrey said during a press conference on Tuesday. “It’s mainly evidence.”

While firefighters initially attacked the flames from inside, they were forced to retreat after a section of the building collapsed, according to FDNY Chief John Hodgens. Three firefighters, three EMS responders, and two civilians suffered minor injuries in the three-alarm blaze.

“This fire is probably going to go on for a few days by the time we're able to fully extinguish it and get inside,” Hodgens said, pointing to the limited access points and “large amount of combustible material” inside the warehouse.

He added that “most of the contents” inside the building would likely be damaged by the fire.

More than 140 firefighters responded to the blaze, officials said. As of Tuesday afternoon, three FDNY boats continued to shoot water into the warehouse. Photos and videos showed plumes of black smoke rising over the warehouse, visible from miles away.

City officials urged New Yorkers to steer clear of the area, warning of smoke and traffic.

The storage facility was previously damaged by floodwaters during Hurricane Sandy, preventing police from accessing DNA evidence necessary for criminal trials.

This story was updated with additional information provided by the NYPD and FDNY.