Photographs of James Blake (above) by Charles Krupa/AP and photograph of Roger Federer by Elise Amendola/AP

2008_08_feder.jpgWhoa! James Blake beat number 1-ranked Roger Federer in straight sets during their Olympics tennis match today. The Yonkers native, currently ranked #7 in the world, won 6-4, 7-6 (2) during a quarterfinals match.

According to NBC Olympics, "Federer seemed off his game from the start. His forehand -- once the sport's most feared -- was unreliable, and he repeatedly struggled to hold serve." During the tiebreaker, Blake was "flawless while Federer made two unforced errors and popped up a volley."

Blake did acknowledge Federer had a bad day, “Maybe the law of averages, if I play him enough, he’s bound to have an off day against me once. I can’t be more elated that it happened at the Olympics.”

There were other upsets: Serena Williams and Venus Williams were both eliminated from the women's singles event.