Moorestown High SchoolScheming, plagiarizing, Harvard-accepted-and-rescinded, GPA-inflated Blair Hornstine has settled with Moorestown School Board for $60,000 and to be named the sole valedictorian. According to the Times, the statement recognized Ms. Hornstine as the valedictorian of the Class of 2003 and acknowledged that "the court documents filed by Blair Hornstine were accurate," BUT the school board denied any wrongdoing in a separate statement. Gothamist suspects that while the school board wanted to get this settled before the new school year, Hornstine also wanted to settle the matter quickly after the revelations of her plagiarized work in a local newspaper. There's no way she could really get $2.7 million after her stupid ways were revealed.

Hornstine's lawyer, Edwin L. Jacobs Jr., called the settlement a victory ("The case was never about money. It was about whether there had been some discrimination against a disabled student, and who was entitled to valedictorian status.") and only says "Blair's personal life is her own" when asked about what she will do now that she is no longer going to Harvard. Screw that, man, when you sue your school board, your personal life is up for grabs.

Gothamist's first thoughts on how much we hate Blair Hornstine.