A man was arrested after he allegedly punched a cabbie, stole his cab, and led cops on a foot chase on the side of the Henry Hudson Parkway. But suspect David Meck isn't really sure what did or didn't happen, because he claims he was blackout drunk at the time.

According to the Post, the 39-year-old Meck was put into a taxi by a friend (who paid for the cab) after a long evening of debauchery at Thompson and Bleecker Streets around 3 a.m. on June 11th. The taxi driver claims Meck suddenly punched him in the back of the head around 34th Street and Fifth Avenue; Meck then pulled the driver out of the car, got in the front seat, and drove off solo.

Cops eventually tracked the taxi via GPS, and pulled Meck over on the Henry Hudson Parkway at West 252nd Street. Meck then made a run for it along the highway, but was quickly caught.

Meck, who appeared in court yesterday, has been charged with larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, resisting arrest and refusing to take a Breathalyzer. He has 17 prior arrests, including five DWIs in New York and ­Nevada, and four for allegedly resisting arrest.

This is at least the second time this year someone has stolen a cab; another person was arrested for riding outside of a cab; another cabbie was beaten by a skateboard-wielding racist; and a limo was taken for a joy ride by a drunk rider as well.