Ferry whizzes by a dark New York
Photograph of ferry in motion (15 second exposure) by Robert Sterling of Boro6.

As New York returns to normal, the blackout analysis will continue for a while (probably a brief break around the anniversary of September 11). The Times, Post, Daily News, and Newsday have extensive blackout coverage. Here are some notable articles:

- The first of many cost analyses of what damage the blackout did to the city.
- How the blackout affected people's eating.
- The subways are back up - after a lot of work.
- And our favorite, since we're big believers in blackout sex: Whether blackout babies are an urban legend.

Plus Gothamist's extensive coverage in the Blackout Edition- check out all the links and trackbacks for glimpses of others' experiences.
This morning Gothamist received today's as well as yesterday's Times, since delivery was suspended Friday- thank you Times delivery people.