A Philadelphia man is using Atlantic City not as a pleasant vacation destination, what with their pristine beaches and friendly locals, but as a lucrative money making scheme. The Post reports that 49-year-old Don Johnson has netted $15 million from Caesars, The Borgata, and The Tropicana, by playing blackjack. Johnson told the paper "I'll take luck over any other skill." We assume he's referring to the "luck" involved in counting how many cards there are in an auto-shuffle.

A former casino boss cuts through Johnson's "aw shucks" veneer: "Of course he has a system—and, more importantly, he has the money to back it up." That money is coming from his winnings, as well as what the Post describes as his "steed wagering operation." Dressed like a normal, everyday "steed wagering operator," Johnson enters the hotels "decked out in jeans, sneakers and freebie caps bearing the names of casinos he's visited." Millionaire gambling moguls: they're just like us!

For some perspective in how difficult this is, "in 33 years of legalized gambling in Atlantic City, a hotel has only reported a monthly blackjack loss six times." The Tropicana did just that last month, and fired their CEO because of it. Maybe Johnson needs help on the ol' steed-wagering ranch?