Yesterday just after noon we reported that a cab had collided with a horse and buggy on the Upper East Side. While we received plenty of photos and video of the aftermath, showing the wrecked car and carriage, there was no sight of the horse.

NY1 talked to witnesses at the scene of the crash, 60th Street and 5th Avenue, one saying of the cab driver, "he was coming very, very fast." The same witness also noted that after hearing a loud thump, "I saw a horse going over toward Fifth Avenue, loose" before the carriage drivers could stop it.

While the cab and carriage drivers both have minor injuries, the horse, Blackie, was not injured and is now resting at Clinton Park Stables. Stephen Malone of the Horse and Carriage Association told the network, "The horse got a little startled, to be honest with you, for such a large bang, the horse didn't overreact in any shape or form and he was corralled within four, five seconds of it happening." While animal rights activists are using the incident to point out again that the streets aren't safe for horses, Malone says they're working with the city to make them safer.