Earlier this month, some NYPD officers were accused of shooing away black teenagers around Park Slope. Over a hundred students, parents, teachers and local residents attended a town hall meeting on Friday night at local John Jay Educational Campus to share tales of teens being harassed.

"Because I am dark skinned, police stopped me because a cell phone was stolen," Steven Martin, an 11th grader, said according to PIX. "I have been harassed by police and my mother worries about me."

Most of the students at the meeting came from Park Slope Collegiate, one of four schools at the John Jay Campus, and live in other parts of the city. "Police have heckled me, patted me down for suspicious activity, apparently," another student said. "They've run me down the street, almost hit me with a car."

The meeting was sparked after local resident Sara Bennett witnessed the police yell at a group of 5-6 teens "to get out of the neighborhood" on September 22nd. At the time, Commanding Officer Captain Frank DiGiacomo of the local 78th Precinct said he hadn't heard of the particular incident, but confirmed that "his officers routinely try to move large groups of young people out of the neighborhood because clusters of teens have created problems recently at the Atlantic Center Mall."

At the meeting, students were unequivocal about their experiences: "When we get out of school, there's a big block, and they tell us to get off the block," Joel Flores, also an 11th grader, said according to NY1. "Then, they come across the street, following us, telling us to get off the block."

Initially it was reported by Brooklyn Paper that 78th Precinct officers had not been invited to the event, but Lindsey Martinez, Deputy Director of School Safety for the NYPD was in attendance, and told PIX, "After listening to these student, I feel we have work to do. We will have future hearings."