After being criticized by the press for, among other things, not being available for interviews, the new Schools Chancellor finally sat down with ABC 7 to discuss her new job. And among the first questions was, "What makes you feel you're qualified?" Try not to punch anything, but Black said, "We're all human beings. It is about people." She then goes on to talk about "tough times," being open to new ideas, and making tough but informed decisions. Check out the interview below:

Preparing students for the job market of tomorrow is great and all, but she seems to have yet to figure out how that will happen when students are stuck on wait lists for Kindergarten. But she has said that one of her top priorities will be getting rid of "excess teachers," some 1,200 of them who get full pay and benefits but don't have regular jobs. The Absent Teacher Reserve pool is currently costing the DOE more than $100 million a year.

Parent Eric J. Snyder of Park Slope has filed a suit arguing that Black does not have the appropriate degree to hold the position. However, state Education Commissioner David Steiner acknowledged that she "does not meet the graduate coursework or experience requirements," and granted the waiver anyway because of her "exceptional record of successfully leading complex organizations."