A black man claims he was falsely arrested and accused of being an illegal cab driver while driving his wife to work. According to the suit (which you can see in full below), Dan Keys Jr., 66, was driving his wife Symone Palermo, 53, to work on May 8th, 2013 when he was stopped by Taxi and Limousine Commission investigators and accused of illegally operating a black Town Car as a cab. And the couple believe it's all because of race.

"When attempting to identify illegally operated taxis, it is the official policy or custom of [the city and the TLC] to instruct its employees to target and single out vehicles operated by minorities with white passengers," their lawsuit, first reported by DNAInfo, alleges.

Investigators allegedly lied to Keys after taking him into custody, telling him that a "white female" passenger confirmed to them that he was an unlicensed cabbie. Even when Palmero, who is biracial, tried to clear up the confusion, the TLC allegedly refused to let them go and instead wrote both of them summonses with false allegations (they also seized their Lincoln Town Car for eight days).

"We believe my clients were improperly stopped by the TLC enforcement agents on the basis of their race," the couple's lawyer, David Haber, told us. "They knowingly misstated facts to support their improper stop. My clients want to hold the city and the TLC accountable for their actions on a normal day when they were just driving to work."

The summonses were eventually dismissed, and couple is now seeking $3 million for their troubles. You can see the lawsuit below.

TLC Lawsuit