With two objectively terrible teams staggering through the season, New York football needed a savior. Thankfully, our cat overlords delivered, sending out a black cat onto the field during the second quarter of the Giants' home game against the Dallas Cowboys. And he scored a touchdown within minutes of appearing:

Yes, the ESPN announcers admired the cat's lateral movement, but the real play-by-play to listen to is from radio sports announcer Kevin Harlan:

And here's a view of the cat from the field, from Staten Island Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis:

Hey, football is good for the whole (feline) family!

The cat—who seemed pretty freaked out by the thousands of fans, the grounds crew, and the state police who were chasing him (I say him because of his big handsome head)—finally ran off the field and into the tunnel. But what now? Luckily, Madelyn Burke got answers:

The Giants were leading before the cat's appearance, but ultimately fell to the Cowboys, 37-18, giving journalists a field day:

Even though the Cowboys won, their defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence confessed to being a scaredy cat: "The first thing that crossed my mind was like f--- we got bad luck, but no it just turned on them. I was like man the game over. If a black cat runs on the damn field on Monday Night Football you might as well call it quits bro. Y’all luck is terrible so it was just bad luck and that was it and I hate cats. They better get this cat before it gets to me."

As someone who has been lucky enough to be the human for two black cats, I can say that Lawrence is being extremely silly for advancing this anti-black cat propaganda. As animal rights activist Beth Stern noted on her blog for the North Shore Animal League America, this nonsense is why "...black cats and kittens [are] overlooked in shelters and waiting for homes. It’s sad, but in this country black cats are the victims of cruel superstitions and misconceptions. In other cultures, though, they’re considered good luck. In Japan, black cats bring wealth and prosperity. In Norse mythology, they bring good harvests. And in England, they bring a happy marriage."

Maybe Lawrence is changing his tune:

We have contacted MetLife Stadium to find out what will happen with the cat when it's found—will he be put up for adoption? Or will he be adopted by Jerry Jones?

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