2008_01_georgiacat.jpgOne cat owner is hoping that her kitten will turn up after escaping at the 59th Street uptown 6 platform earlier this week. Ashely Phillips had just gotten black kitteh Georgia (pictured) spayed at the Humane Society when the feline somehow escaped her carrier "and just took off."

Phillips told the Daily News a train was pulling in when Georgia "jumped onto the tracks": "I'm hoping she's down there somewhere and she's okay...but I'm also realistic about her chances." The transit workers and police officers tried to help Phillips find the cat, but they were unsuccessful. The MTA said transit workers would walk the tracks as well. The News adds if you see the kitten "she's all black, very small, and likely very scared and hungry."

We are hoping for the best. If a cat can survive ten days with a bottle on its head, a cat might be able to survive the subways...right?