The Nets' season is quickly hitting the crapper with a six game losing streak, leaving them with a less-than-sterling 6-17 record. And while the mere fact that they exist may be enough to develop some fan base in Newark, it ain't gonna cut it once the team moves to Brooklyn in a few years. But you know what might get the fans in? Forget Carmelo Anthony—try free beer.

That's one idea that transportation advocates are suggesting for the Nets when they move to their new home at the Barclay Center at Atlantic Yards. But it has more to do with traffic and parking than the Nets woeful current team. “There needs to be more incentives from the developer and events promoters to encourage event-goers to get on mass transit. You could show your Metrocard or LIRR ticket and get a discount at the concession stand,” said Tri-State Transportation Campaign’s Ryan Lynch. Residents are concerned about the increase in traffic that will occur when the Nets move in, clogging up the neighborhood, as well as a potential lack of available parking. “We’re working on a fully integrated transportation plan that will look at a variety of ways of using mass transit instead of driving to the arena on game nights or event nights,” said the spokesman, Joe DePlasco.

As if the prospect of free beer isn't enough to pique your interest in the Nets, what about a billionaire cat fight? Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, called Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov a "pussy" yesterday, and mocked him for not coming to Nets games. ESPN thinks it was a playful jab, but the News thinks this might be the start of a rivalry for the ages. Either way, if free beer is involved, we'll be there.