2005_08_legominiland.jpgGothamist became very relieved this weekend after a pair of articles touting that places other than our dear city would have various NYC charms. Because there's no nightmare we'd like better during a drunken bender than to be dropped into either Philly (which is supposedly masquerading as Brooklyn) or Las Vegas (which has a development called East Village, but includes the Washington Square Arch and a diamond district - for those high rollers, one can only assume), only to wake up in a strange new world that seems like New York but isn't New York. It would be a great high-concept movie (think Judgement Night) and a very terrible real life - where are our sweaty subways? Where are the rats picking through garbage? Where are the $20 cocktails? Where are the tourists with fannypacks? All told, we rather be lost in The Brick Apple or Lego's NYC Miniland (hope they revise the Freedom Tower design!).

Curbed has design plans of the NYC: Las Vegas. Our own Phillyist notes "8,000 commuters and Brooklyn transplants do not a borough make." But it is a NY Times Styles section story!