2006_05_cocainebrick.jpgFormer cop Kirsix De La Cruz was indicted on conspiracy to distribute cocaine and to commit robbery charges yesterday, along with two other people, in a truly weird story. De La Cruz had borrowed "thousands of dollars" from an uncle, ostensibly to pay for a sergeant's exam (though those only cost a couple hundred dollars), and in turn, the uncle asked for help in finding drug dealers he could rob. So she did, setting her uncle up with two dealers who were familiar with "stash houses" near De La Cruz's Washington Heights precinct. The uncle would then direct others to either rob bricks of cocaine or just cash. But after one haul, the feds arrested the uncle who then turned into a cooperating witness and flipped his niece. Obviously, she was a niece by marriage.

De La Cruz was arrested when she said she wanted cash from the sale of the cocaine; she resigned from the NYPD immediately. She had been on the force for 11 years, and the NY Times has more detail on the byzantine dealings and attempted robberies.