2006_03_babysi.jpgYesterday morning off the shores of Staten Island, a baby was saved and his father drowned in a strange incident. After receiving a 911 tip, the NYPD responded to docks at the Homeport in the Stapleton section of Staten Island. Upon their arrival, they approached Charles Walker who had a baby in his arms. The police would later disclose that Walker was the baby's father. After police officers advanced towards Walker, he jumped into the water with his baby.

Officer Brian Sheehy, who was in pursuit of Walker, followed the father and baby into the water and eventually rescued the 8 month-old boy. Officer Sheehy told NY1 that the baby somehow managed to get free and was floating in 15 or 20 feet of water before he grabbed the baby and brought him ashore. Walker, who was not immediately rescued, was pronounced dead at the hospital. While earlier reports did not know the reason for Walker's actions, the Daily News calls Walker deranged and reports that he beat up and slashed Roshauna Tate, the baby's mother, and kidnapped the child. She and her son remain hospitalized. The News also has a choice quote from a someone in the NYPD, "He sank like stone. Bad sinks, goodness floats."

Gothamist takes heart in the fact that the events of the day, while tragic, could have been much worse.

Image of rescue ambulance from WNBC