A tragic shower accident took the life of a 9-year-old Brooklyn girl Thursday night.

Gariella Illias was taking a shower around 9 p.m. Thursday night when she somehow managed to become strangled by the shower cord. Details are still sketchy, and an initial autopsy was inconclusive, but by all accounts Gabriella's death was completely unexpected - though because of the nature of the death the police are not yet ruling out suicide. "'She was excited for school the next day because she was due to eat lunch with her teacher as a reward for filling up her "star chart,"; A relative told the Post.

Gabriella had tried to take a shower earlier but found the water too cold, so she put on a towel and joined her family watching TV in the living room, said grandfather Rudy Reyes. After her mom checked the water and found it hot enough, the little girl went in for her shower.

Ten minutes passed, and her mom, noticing the lights and TV were off in the living room, opened the bathroom door to check up on her daughter - and found the girl kneeling with the cord wrapped around her neck.

"It wasn't tied, it was just around her neck," Reyes said. "She got hung up in there."

The girl wasn't fully kneeling on the tub but she wasn't hanging either, he said. Her fingers were lodged between the cord and her neck, as though she had been trying to pull it off.

Gothamist's prayers go out to the Illias family.

Detail from "Banality" from KAGoldberg's flickr stream.