2008_08_vigil.jpgRafael Sanz experienced what had to be the most intensely emotional day in his life yesterday after his pregnant wife was struck and killed by a van. Dr. Lynn Kempt at St. Barnabas Hospital told the Daily News, "You know that song, 'New York Minute?' I had to tell this poor man that his wife was dead, and then I walked him down to show him his son." The family of Donnette Sanz was about to hold a shower for her will now prepare a funeral instead.

Community members held a vigil outside the hospital for Sean Michael Sanz who was delivered at 3 pounds six ounces. The infant has been upgraded to stable condition. Doctors credited the miraculous survival of the baby to how the speedy action taken by over thirty bystanders who lifted a school bus off of the boy's late mother.

Meanwhile, more information came out about Walter Walker, the ex-con with a suspended license who slammed into her with his van. Walker, of Harlem, works as a man with a van but has not had a driver's license for more than 40 years. When a reporter asked Rafael Sanz what he thought of Walker, he responded, "I hope that guy rots in hell."