The not-so-private life of everyone's favorite avian poster children for friendly coops, red-tailed hawks Pale Male and Lola, after they - okay, their human advocates helped them - moved back to their 927 Fifth Avenue digs is revealed. And it's been a barren nest. The NY Times gets nosy about the birds' year without a chick. It seems that even with a super fancy nest, baby bird making isn't a sure thing: Lola's eggs went unhatched last spring. Pale Male and Lola fans are hoping this year will prove more successful, as Lola most likely laid eggs, and experts are actually blaming it on the new nest. Will the hawks' hawks charge that 927 Fifth Avenue was negligent in removing the nest, robbing the city of some new red tailed hawks? Or will bygones be bygones and the appearance of some adorable baby hawks eating regurgitated worms make everyone feel okay?

There are beautiful recent photographs of the hawks at Pale And speaking of birds, the New York Historical Society will begin its show, Audobon's Aviary, on March 17. Which also means head to the NYHS for the last days of the Slavery in New York exhibit.