The Post, which called war on Canada geese earlier this year after the bird strike that downed US Airways Flight 1549, adds to its list of bird vs. flying machine incidents, reporting that a bird dent the front of a Boeing MD-80 which was landing at Laguardia Airport yesterday.

According to the Post, Delta Flight 1933 from Boston was approaching the airport and suddenly a bird hit it. A worker who saw the plane at the gate said, "There was blood on the nose of the plane all the way up to the windshield... There was a big dent. I saw feathers attached to the plane." And he said the pilot was "amazed... [The pilot] said he heard it when he was coming in for a landing. He thought it was a goose." Other than the bird and the nose of the plane, there were no other apparent injuries.

There have been nine bird strikes with "substantial damage" at Laguardia between 2000 and 2008, while there have been 30 at JFK Airport—and a few months, the city embarked on a plan to kill 2,000 Canada geese in order to prevent any more bird strikes. However, there are birds everywhere—even Mayor Bloomberg's private plane was hit by one near Boston!