B-I-N-G-Uh-Oh! A Queens man, Spiros Moshopulos, has allegedly been the mastermind behind a big Bingo scam. He's been hosting bingo games meant to benefit several Queens charities, but turns out he's the only one who's been cashing in. According to the NY Post, Moshopulos and his crew (because you need a crew for Bingo scams) have netted around $830,000 over the past few years!

The Queens DA told the paper that Mohopuulos, Daniella Radulescu—the treasurer of the charities—and Tommy Skiada (who range in age from 46 to 62 years old) have all been charged for their gambling-related crimes in a 714-count indictment. There were also illegal side bets going on at the games, regarding which number would come up next—according to the NY Times, an investigation began in 2008. In a statement, the archdiocese said, "We have been working closely for the last year with the Queens district attorney’s office," but they are not allowed to give a comment on the matter at this time.

The bingo hall operated out of an old Jackson Heights theater, which dons a sign saying: “Win big money." In a statement, the DA said, “Instead of doing God’s work, the defendants are alleged to have lined their own pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars belonging to the charities.” Yesterday in court all three involved pleaded not guilty.