2007_12_boxing.jpgAnders Uwadinobi, a freshman from the Bronx, was "play" fighting with a friend in a dorm room at SUNY Binghamton when he suffered fatal injuries Sunday night. An autopsy is being conducted, but a student who witnessed the situation when he heard screams to call 911 said he saw Uwadinobi "shaking" and seizing. The 18-year-old was pronounced dead on arrival at Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center.

The student told the Post, "They were playing around. It wasn't serious." Binghamton University's Pipe Dream reports that all the furniture out of the common room at the Mohawk dorm had been removed to make room for the sparring and that the boxing opponent was a friend of Uwadinobi's.

A school official said Uwadinobi and the other student were both wearing helmets and gloves; it's believed the death was accidental. And apparently Uwadinobi was stabbed three months earlier by another student who had filed a harassment report against him.