Billy Leroy, who was arrested in March for selling potentially illegal subway signs at Billy's Antiques and Props on East Houston Street, was due in court today. However, it seems they weren't interested in the case! Billy told us, "I was in court today for the subway sign fiasco and it has been adjourned till Sept 22. with no appearance necessary. It seems the DA has no time for me and this case will be dismissed and my signs returned. What a giant waste of time and money..."

Leroy had been stocking the signs for 12 years before NYPD officers raided his store and hauled off most of the allegedly stolen merchandise. He claims he never stole anything, explaining that he bought the signs from a subway contractor, "He was supposed to dispose of the signs, and he disposed them to me. I don't send an army of crackheads into the subway to unbolt signs."

And he'd know about crackheads— his store's website tells visitors, "The strange green tent that has been at 76 East Houston Street since 1986 is the last eclectic antique and prop store on the Bowery. Billy’s first incarnation was called Lot 76. In those days the Bowery was like the Wild West. Only the adventurous came downtown. As the sun would set on East Houston the junkies and alcoholics would lurk around like Zombies, asking for handouts."