Alexa Ray Joel — Billy Joel's 23-year-old daughter — is being treated at St. Vincent's Hospital in the West Village after an overdose on sleeping pills that police are considering a suicide attempt, according to the Post.

The aspiring singer and songwriter was rushed to the West Village medical center after a roommate in her Bethune Street apartment called 911 at around 12:21 pm. The paper reports that she is conscious and expected to survive. The Associated Press reports that she has been hospitalized, and is in stable condition according to her publicist, Claire Mercuri.

Joel is the daughter of famed musician Billy Joel and his former wife, supermodel Christie Brinkley. Joel, who earlier this year talked to the press about her father's most recent divorce, is scheduled to appear at a tree-lighting ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange and an event at J&R this Thursday. Her father has spoken candidly about his own suicide attempt when he was 21-years-old and drank furniture polish.