Starting today, the Reverend Billy Graham will be preaching in Flushing, Queens in what it seems like everyone is excitedly calling "his last crusade" because he's old and seems to be ready to die. The "crusade" is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people, and it'll be a big media event, too - Brian Williams anchoring the NBC Nightly News tonight from Flushing Meadows Park tonight; the Hollywood Reporter points out that Graham's 1957 sermon at Madison Square Garden was televised by ABC. The 86 year-old preacher even visited Flushing Meadows Park last night, to check out the site and thank workers. Gothamist hopes there's an extensive air-conditioning system onstage, as it's supposed to be humid, hot, hazy, and yes, hellish, this weekend, though TV producers might think a fainting Graham would make good TV. This weekend's event is an expensive $6.8 million, with all sorts of Grahamites available (the NY Times has one of their trademark fun graphics of what's where).

The NY Times has a lot of Billy Graham stories, including one today about Graham's place in NYC, which has a large population of Jews and a growing population of Muslims; Newsday has a story about evangelism in NYC.

Photograph of Billy Graham poster in Flushing from the AP