Billy Bush and NBC are currently negotiating his exit from the Today Show, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Bush, as you surely know, was the other person recorded in conversation with Donald Trump on that utterly awful Access Hollywood tape. Bush was suspended from the morning show on Sunday, and he and his assistant weren't in the office Monday or Tuesday, according to CNN Money.

Bush's departure from the show, according to CNN Money's sources with knowledge of the negotiations, is "now a matter of 'when,' not 'if.'"

In the meantime, NBC News chief spokesman Mark Kornblau has been trying to refute a People source's suggestion that NBC would have edited Bush out of the damning tape, to protect Bush's job.

Bush's presence on the Today Show is now considered to be radioactive: Outraged viewers are voicing their opinion on NBC's Facebook pages (example on Today Show's FB: "Fire him, he's just as sleazy and guilty of filthy 'locker room talk' which is a pathetic excuse for perpetuating rape culture and vulgar attitudes towards women."). And according to the Hollywood Reporter, "Hollywood publicists have also promised to keep their clients away from Today if Bush remains."

Further, it seems that Bush has an alleged history of being shitty to female celebrities. Big-time publicist Marcel Pariseau took to Facebook to post that Bush was "rude and lewd to a few female clients of mine," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Pariseau, whose clients include Catherine Zeta-Jones and Scarlett Johansson, added, "Boycotting the 9 a.m. hour of the Today show." True Public Relations, where Pariseau is a partner, told us that he was out of the office today and that they had no further comment.

CNN Money also reports that NBC staffers had been planning a surprise party for Billy Bush to be held this Saturday at a restaurant in Greenwich Village. Well, (surprise!) the party is now apparently canceled.

It's not clear what exactly the staffers were celebrating ("Surprise! Billy Bush shocked everyone by being the dark horse Bush to take down Trump?"), but it might have been a belated welcome-to-Today celebration, as he only joined the show in August.

Bush, who moved his family to New York from L.A. for his new job on Today, has also already been wiped off the digital billboards for the show outside of 30 Rock. We would almost feel sorry for him, if he wasn't such a willing participant in the vile convo with Trump, and if he didn't usher in his own demise by reportedly bragging about the tape's existence to everyone and their mother at the Olympics in Rio.