2005_12_billsigning.jpgMayor Bloomberg kept busy yesterday, as he signed 27 bills in City Council Chambers. Notable bills are the noise code and the anti-graffiti measures (including making it illegal for anyone under 21 to carry spray paint or a wide marker), but others included bills setting fuel standards for city owned vehicles and creating a broadband advisory commitee. Two pieces of legislation to watch out for are the "child fatality review" committee (will heads roll in the Adminstration for Children's Services) and expanding Compstat to the parks. And 67 streets were named after New Yorkrers - many seem to be in Staten Island.

Of course, City Councilman Peter Vallone is LOVING the anti-graffiti bills. He said, "We realize these bills push the envelope. But it's time to get serious. We can no longer let these spray-painting punks use our city as their unmarked canvas."