Let's boggle our minds with some math today. A little over an inch of rain fell across the city yesterday, the first time it's rained in a week. How many gallons does that inch of rain add up to? Well, a square foot covered to a depth of an inch works out to 0.62 gallons of water. The land area of the city is about 305 square miles, or 8.5 billion square feet. Multiply the gallons per square foot by the land area and we get 5.3 billion gallons of rainfall yesterday. That's about 340 million kegs of rain for those of you who think in beer units.

A cold front passed behind the rain last night and that means no rain today or tomorrow as we are under a giant high pressure system that is centered over Iowa this morning. The temperature should reach the lower 80s both days, which is exactly average for mid-August.

The high pressure system will eventually move east and temperatures will rise as we head into the weekend. Friday should hit the mid 80s and possibly a bit higher and daily highs should be close to 90 starting Saturday and lasting well into next week. We should see mostly clear skies for the next week but the National Weather Service is predicting a slight chance of rain on Friday and AccuWeather says the same thing for Saturday.