If your 80-year-old billionaire activist investor boyfriend promises you a Manhattan apartment but ends up giving it to another woman—and tells you this over pillow talk—you should sue him, right? That's what 28-year-old Adriana Ferreyr is doing by filing a $50 million lawsuit against George Soros. However, Soros' spokesman says, "This is a blatant attempt to shake down George Soros. The lawsuit is frivolous and completely without merit."

Ferreyr admits that her five-year relationship with Soros went sour after an argument around the time of the East 85th-and-Lexington Avenue apartment's closing. The Post reports, "But they briefly reconciled, and while spending a romantic night together, he whispered in her ear that he'd given the apartment to another woman. 'While still in bed, Soros slapped Ferreyr across the face and proceeded to put his hands around her neck in an attempt to choke her,' her lawsuit claims. Soros, 80, then allegedly attempted to strike her with a glass lamp, and though he narrowly missed, it smashed on the floor and she cut her foot, which required three stitches." Ferryr did call the police but did not file charges.

Soros' lawyer told the Post, "This is about a lot of money and an apartment... The complaint is riddled with false charges and is obviously an attempt to extract money from my client, who is a very wealthy man. The police investigated the ... incident referred to and concluded that no assault occurred... George Soros did not slap, choke or throw a lamp at her."

Ferryr, a former child soap opera actress who is studying at Columbia now, told the Daily News yesterday, "It's a private matter for me. I'm really busy with my schoolwork and am trying to focus on that."