Mayor Bloomberg's only got about a year left in office (right?!!) and we'll be down one billionaire mayor when he's gone. Or will we? John Catsimatidis, founder of once-omnipresent Gristedes grocery stores, is apparently looking to follow in semi in-law Richard Nixon's footsteps and jump into politics with a Republican mayoral run. But the real question is, will he take the subway?

Rumors about Catsimatidis making a run have been circulating for a while (we spoke with him about the possibility of a run in April). But now he says he's serious about his candidacy, and will file the necessary paperwork on Monday. If Catsimatidis does run, he might have to go head-to-head with MTA Chairman Joe Lhota and/or Democrat-cum-independent Adolfo Carrion Jr., but he's ready for the challenge. "I'll primary anyone who'll primary me," he told the Daily News. Come at me, bros!

According to Catsimatidis, though, there is one candidate who would keep him from City Hall—he won't run if Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who he considers "a national hero," announces his candidacy. And if Catsimatidis does run, he won't deny you the privilege of donating to his campaign like that mean "I Can Do It Myself" Bloomberg.

We're not sure how a greengrocer billionaire will stack up against the laundry list of Democrats looking to take Bloomberg's place. But if Catsimatidis is in office, come Halloween we're at least petitioning for the full-size bars, and maybe a James Bond-ey gun or two for good measure.